South Community United Methodist Church  
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Board Members
Admin Council Chairperson Treasurer
Finance Chairperson Al Peterson
Rick Mannor  

Trustees Chairperson Lay Leader
Todd Benson Annual Conference Lay Member
  Pastor Parish Chairperson
  Gail Loeks

Mission/Hunger Coordinator Family Coordinator
Marilee Benson Mindy MacIntyre

Recording Secretary Education Chairperson
Worship/Music Chairperson At Large Member
Sheila Mannor Barb George

Membership Secretary Native American Ministry Rep.
Cheryl Anderson Janet Mort

Pastor Parish Committee - Year of Completed Term
2015 2016 2017
Venecia George Rachel Green  

Board of Trustees - Year of Completed Term
2015 2016 2017
Todd Benson Dallas Ashbay Larry Dorman
Wayne Hotchkiss Tim Loeks  

Nominating Committee - Year of Completed Term
2015 2016 2017
Sharon Raymond Jennie Peterson  
Every Sunday 9:30 AM

1st Sunday of every month

Adult Sunday School class
now being held after coffee time.
Every Sunday 10:30 AM

Coyne Propane customers
can sign up to give
credits to the church.
See Al Peterson for info.

Hunger Offering
for Shepherds Table
Sunday 11/5

Nursing Shawl Workshop
Tuesday 11/7 10:00 AM
Tuesday 11/14 6:30 PM

Grand Traverse District Conference
Saturday 11/11 1:30 PM
See Pastor Jim
if you plan to attend

Council Board Meeting
Thursday 11/16 7:30 PM
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